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Doodle Dandy Rescue saves dogs all over the state, and when we got a plea from a young college student in College Station, the story she told melted our hearts.  Wally was in the shelter, back again after being adopted out twice and returned!   He was a big, goofy fluff ball who had no manners and didn’t really understand how to live inside with people.  He wasn’t particularly fond of other dogs either!  He appeared to be a mix of doodle and Great Pyenees.  His size was intimidating, but he had the sweetest heart and was just dying to be loved.  

We tagged him from the shelter and our student picked him up, but her small Mustang was not a comfortable ride for Wally’s 100lb frame.  Luckily, he found a ride to Dallas in a nice SUV!  
All dogs we bring in are medically vetted, and it was discovered that on top of everything else, Wally was positive for heartworms which mean an extra 2 months stay in the rescue.  His size alone was an issue, but now we had to keep him inactive for 6 weeks after treatment.  His lovely fosters got him through the treatments, but their creek yard was no place for a dog Wally’s size.   There was still a need to work on his socialization with people and animals.  Wally had several fosters over the 4 months he was with us.  A dog of his size isn’t perfect for everyone, but everyone loved his sweet demeanor.  

When it was time for his adoption, we sought out people who lived on acreage so that Wally could be himself….a big goofy pyr-doodle who loved to run and herd.  The Universe opened up and sent the perfect family for Wally.  They lived in West Texas on land and raised Llamas!  Check out the video of Wally doing what prydoodles were born to do!  Wally taught us a lot during his stay with us, but we all loved him, and seeing him in the perfect home was a joy to us all!


 Watch Wally Herd Llamas



 “Each and every animal of earth has as much right to be here as you and me”

―Anthony Douglas Williams

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