Sometimes we get calls of desperation about a dog needing immediate help.  Such was the call we received about Roamer.  He was found "roaming" the streets of College Station when he was captured by a Good Samaritan.  He was matted to the skin, covered in fleas and ticks, emaciated, but he had the sweetest, most gentle temperment for a dog who had been on his own.  He was aged at only a year old, so he had a pretty difficult start in life.  We brought him to Dallas and began the process of cleaning him up and getting him vetted.  It took the groomer over 12 hours to take off the layers of dirt and mats that engulfed him.  His fabulous foster family showered him with love and attention and he enjoyed every minute of being cared for.  Roamers sweet heart and easy going personality made him a great family dog, and we were so excited to place him in a happy, healthy home.  Roamer is roaming no more! His owners changed his name to Farley Falcor!   "He acts like sweet, goofy Chris Farley, and he looks like Falcor! This Dood is the best! ❤️


 “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

―Karen Davison

Roamer Before and After.png