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“Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.”―Thom Jones

Months went by, and the Chang family let him take things at his own pace.  We couldn’t imagine Quincy being moved out of their family, and they couldn’t either, so at Christmas of that year, 6 mo after taking him from the shelter, Doodle Dandy gifted Quincy to the Chang family. 

Today Quincy is a loving member of his family, still cautious, but finding his voice more and more every day.  His “big brother” Cole is his constant companion, and they are forever friends.  We are totally sure that this pup found his people, and all of their lives have been changed forever.   What a lesson on never giving up.

In the early days of Doodle Dandy (summer 2018) we were approached by the SPCA to consider taking in 5 dogs that had been confiscated as part of a criminal case.  They were all beautiful dogs, used for breeding, but they had never been socialized, lived indoors or allowed to be a dog…..just a commodity.  This was a big reach for this small rescue.  We didn’t have much money.  We didn’t have much expertise or fosters, but we did have a lot of heart and desire to make a difference.   We said yes, took a deep breath, and committed to doing our best to save them. 

Quincy didn’t move inside his kennel.  He followed us with his gigantic brown eyes, but wanted nothing to do with these two gray haired ladies.  We reached out to our small, but growing group of fosters and the Chang family agreed to help.  (follow Quincy’s story from the beginning on the facebook page, Quincy, A Rescue Story)   It took lots of time, lots of love and dedication from the whole family, including Cole, their massive Bullmastif, to help Quincy relax in this new setting.  He was terrified to be out of his crate, so the children came to him, reading to him daily and letting him get used to their friendly touch.  

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