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Adoptable Dogs

We are constantly in the process of rescuing, and rehabilitating doodles from all over Texas. Click the images of our doodles to learn more about them and apply to adopt.  If no doodles are currently available check out our future adoptable friends by viewing our gallery of pets in foster care below. 
Our adoptable doodles have spent at least three weeks with a foster family to discover their needs and personality. Be sure the doodle you have selected is right for you, and that you can provide a fur-ever home your adopted doodle will flourish in.

Please be sure to read the full bio for each dog before you apply. 
Click Here to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Currently in Foster Care with DDR

These dogs are settling into their foster homes and NOT yet up for adoption.  We ask that you allow us the time to understand their needs and personalities to help us identify a great fur-ever home for each of them.  Please follow us on social media for updates and to learn more about when and if they will become available for adoption. 

Missing Someone?
Check the Happily Ever Adopted Section Below
Coming Soon

Happily Ever... Adopted

You saw the cutest dog on Instagram, then checked in every day on the website to see when he/she would move to up to become an "Adoptable Dog".   You donated for one of these sweet babies' surgeries, and another one because she had Sooooo many puppies, but then you never saw where she went.  We get it, you got attached.  We know how it is, we do too!  


Well now, provided nothing tragic occured,  you can find out just where that sweet doggie went! 



Please feel free to browse below, to see wherever that sweet pup did go.

What People Are Saying

“I've never been part of a rescue organization. So, I'm more than thankful to be apart of Doodle Dandy Rescue. They guided me through being a first-time foster mommy to a very sick little girl. I ended up falling in love and adopting her. I'm so thankful for the support I received from the amazing people at Doodle Dandy.

My heart forever belongs to this wonderful rescue and of course my sweet little Olive Juice.

-Debbie S.

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