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           . . .Boy (Man) Meets Dog   

We always hear stories about a boy and his dog, but in Waylon's case, the boy was all grown up and wasn't even looking for a new dog!  


Waylon came in with his brother Willie.  They were rehomed with DDR when their family could no longer care for them.  They had never really been trained and it was decided that they would go to our trainer, Dawn Day (APawsativeDawg.com) for an evaluation.  

Although brothers, they were not bonded, and Willie was quickly adopted into a new home.  Waylon hung around for a while longer, and became more and more a part of the Day's home.


 Dawn trains with a pack of Aussie's and there was no shortage of resident dogs in the home, but a special bond began to develop between Waylon and Matt, Dawn's husband.  We attempted to post Waylon for adoption, but Matt just couldn't let him go.  They had a relationship that deepened, and it was clear to everyone that Waylon had found his person and had no intention of moving on!  


He and Matt now go everywhere together and now that Matt is retiring, they plan to go on more and more adventures.  Waylon is truly the sidekick, even on the motorcycle with Dad!  

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