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Phoebe & Pups

Phoebes puppies.jpg

Whoa! Mama! 

Sometimes things happen because you’re in the right place at the right time.  We know that Doodles are our wheel-house, but every once in a while, we just have to put breed aside and step up to the plate. In this case is was a plate full of puppies!!


One of our volunteers was picking up at dog at a Texas shelter, and the shelter director asked for help.  A beautiful, and very pregnant, Anatolian Shepherd had wandered in off the streets and was within days of giving birth in the shelter’s conference room!  They had named her Phoebe and were desperate to find her a home before the puppies were born.  


A call went out to DDR’s director, a foster was found, and within a couple of hours, Phoebe was loaded in the car and on the way to Austin.  Luckily, she waited until we could get her to the vet for a well-check and X-rays because once we saw that there were 12 little spines on the film, we knew we needed to make a plan!  


Nicole and Brodye, Phoebe’s fosters were a bit shell shocked, but they just got to work and prepped their home for the imminent arrival of 12 babies, all born alive and mostly healthy.  We did have to get one of the babies to the emergency room vet when it failed to thrive, but with great care and Nicole’s persistence, she made it!  


Our next emergency came a bit later when Phoebe developed a Pyometra and required a full hysterectomy, leaving 12 puppies needing to be bottle fed!  We are resourceful here at DDR!  


We split the puppies between 3 fosters who took 4 each and bottle fed them until they were able to switch to solid food.  


We were so grateful we had said yes to Phoebe.  With all the complications, we couldn’t imagine what would have happened to her and her pups without our support.  All 12 puppies and Phoebe found great homes, and are living their best lives all around the state.   Phoebe and her pups are honorary doodles to us.  

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