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Lost Little Libby.jpg

 “My dog does this amazing thing where he just exists and makes my whole life better because of it”


Libby Got Groomed.jpg

Libby was left for dead on the side of the road in San Antonio.  

She was dumped because she had outlived her usefulness as a  breeder dog.  She was matted, starved and had a host of health issues we discovered when she was vetted.  She had not been spayed and had developed mammary tumors.  She was aged to be over 10yrs old.  


This old girl still wanted to live, and we were going to do whatever it took to give her a happy life.  She came to Dallas and was fostered by a wonderful couple who knew from day 1 that she might not live very long.  She had congestive heart failure and there wasn't a lot to be done for her medically.  Hospice fosters are like hospice nurses.....they are called to care for the dying.  


She could have stayed in the rescue the rest of her life, but her fosters wanted to dignify her life and chose to adopt her into their family.  Libby came to us just over a year ago, and she is still doing great!  Her new mom said this,


"We are grateful to have her in our lives.   She keeps the house in line!  She visited my vet, and she commented in spite of her heath issues, she looks and appears in good condition.  Hopefully we will enjoy her for some time to come. "  


Special people, special dog, special relationship!  Doodle Dandy is the "facilitator" for dogs finding their people! What a happy ending!

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