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           . . .Happily Ever After    

You know everything happens after dark and on the weekends, so when we saw sweet Cosmo’s picture come up on the Dallas Animal Shelter site, we knew we had to act fast.  He had been hit by a car and was sitting in a shelter kennel waiting for someone to rescue him.  Doodle Dandy flew into action, arriving at the shelter at the very end of the day so he wouldn’t have to spend the night there.

We picked up this precious pup, hair all matted, and his little back leg hanging at an odd angle, so we scrambled to have him seen by the emergency vet.  We reached out to one of our fosters, who happened to be a nurse, and she agreed to care for him.  

Cosmo required further surgery on his leg and spent 6 weeks recovering from the bad break.  Do you know how hard it is to keep a little pup still so he can heal?  Not an easy task, but his foster mom was quite a champ getting him through the lengthy recover.  During that time with his foster, we worked on his social skills and basic training skills once he was given the go ahead to be more active.  His foster brother, a 70 lb labradoodle named Samson,  eventually became his friend and playmate.  

Cosmo was adopted into a family who loves him dearly.  He’s now playing dress-up with his adopted sisters, joining the family at the bar outside ( he actually sits in the bar stool!) and rides shotgun with mom on errands around town.  No longer broken and alone, with Doodle Dandy’s love and attention, Cosmo is living his best life!  

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