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In Loving Memory of Dylan


Dear All, We are so blessed to be partnering in a fundraiser with WagAware and The Paws Cause to honor Dylan, our beautiful foster dog who lost his battle with epilepsy last week.  


Our first amazing partner, WagAware, is a charitable company committed to giving homeless dogs the life they deserve. They set out to create a universal symbol that lets the world know you and your dog care about dogs in jeopardy. They want to give every dog lover an easy, accessible, fun way to give back to dogs in need and the opportunity to unite with millions in a deliberate, large-scale effort to help homeless dogs. Ultimately, their goal is to raise substantial awareness and funds to help reduce the number of homeless dogs euthanized every year.  Buy a Charm. Save a Dog. Support Adoption. Join the Ruff-olution!

In addition to WagAware, we have partnered with a wonderful organization called The Paws Cause which sells beautiful beaded collars, cuff bracelets and leashes, made in Africa by Kenyan women who started the business. Ruth Ellen met these women on a trip to an African flea market who started a business selling beaded dog collars, and they now work together in a thriving business where Ruth sources the collars directly from them to sell in the States and donate a portion of the proceeds to adoption and rescue. To order Paws Cause collars, please email to ruth@iknowhorses.com or PM on Facebook.

During the length of the fundraiser, 10/5-10/19, WagAware will donate 100% of ALL SALES (minus postage) and Ruth will donate 50% of The Paws Cause's sales to Doodle Dandy Rescue.

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