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Breed: Labradoodle
Age: 1 year 3 months
Weight: 115 Pounds
Gender: Male
Location: DFW

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  • Owner who is excited about and committed to continued training

  • Enjoys another dogs company

  • Kids 12 years and older

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A Little More About ...


Meet Koda, Your Gentle Giant & Loyal Companion!

Koda may be big in size, but his heart is even bigger!

Here's why he's such a special pup:

  • Lovable Nature: Koda is a sweetheart through and through. He adores receiving scratches and pets, especially on his back. His gentle demeanor makes him a joy to be around, and his affectionate nature will melt your heart.

  • Great Temperament: Koda has a fantastic temperament. He's calm, patient, and always eager to please. Whether lounging by your side or following your commands, Koda's gentle nature shines through.

  • Excellent Listener: Koda is attentive and responsive. He listens well and eagerly comes when called, showcasing his obedience and willingness to learn.

  • Interactive Conversationalist: Koda is a talker. He wants to join in the conversation. He will bark to let you know he needs to go out and to gain your attention.

  • Playful Energy: Like any young pup, Koda has plenty of energy to burn! He loves playing with other dogs and enjoys engaging in fun activities to entertain himself. With a buddy by his side, Koda is ready for various adventures.

  • Energy Level: Koda has some extra energy, which is typical for his age. He loves playing with other dogs, which helps him release any pent-up energy and keeps him happy and fulfilled.

While Koda is an incredible dog, there are a few things to consider when thinking about his forever home:

  • Anxiety: Koda may experience some anxiety when separated from his human family members for extended periods but tends to calm down over time. Continued patience and positive reinforcement are essential for helping him overcome these challenges. Getting Koda into the car can be challenging due to his fear and anxiety. If forced, he may growl, indicating his discomfort with the situation. A patient and understanding owner willing to work with him to overcome his fears will be essential.

  • Suitability for Small Children: Due to his large size, there may be better fits for households with small children than Koda. While gentle and loving, he doesn’t always realize his own size and could knock down a small child inadvertently.

For Koda to thrive in his forever home, the following points are critical:

  • Committed Training: An owner who is excited about and committed to continued training will help Koda reach his full potential and overcome any challenges he may face.

  • Canine Companion: While Koda enjoys the company of other dogs and would thrive with a furry friend to play with, he can also adapt well to a loving home where he receives ample human attention and engagement. Koda's happiness and well-being depend on the affection and care provided by his human family.

  • Older Children: Kids 12 years and older would best suit Koda's size and temperament, ensuring a safe and harmonious environment.

Koda’s adoption fee is $700. He is HW negative, current on all HW/flea preventatives, neutered, and microchipped. All adoption fees go toward expenses like medical costs and food for Doodle Dandy dogs and help make it possible for us to continue giving amazing pups like Koda a second chance. If you would like to fill out an application and you are within a 5-hour radius of the DFW area, please click on one of the Adoption Application buttons on this page and select KODA from the drop-down menu on the application form.

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