Rollie ?

Breed: Doodle/Basset Hound Mix
Age: 6 yrs old
Weight: 26 pounds
Sex: Male
Location: Austin


Rollie 2.jpg

Essential Needs for 


  • Home with NO other animals

  • No children home, including visitors

  • House with a yard (no apt, condo, or duplex)

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Rollie 6.jpg
Rollie 1.jpg
Rollie 3.jpg

A Little More About ...


Have you been on the search for a true rescue dog? A dog you can pour your heart and soul into in order to truly make a difference in a life? Do you live in the Austin area or surrounding cities? If you answered yes, Rollie is your man! Rollie is a 26 pound, 6 year-old Doodle/Bassett Hound mix. You’ll see it all in his ballerina turnout and floppy ears. His first six years have been a challenge, but Rollie is ready to experience the unconditional love and peace that will come in his forever home.


You’re seeing these photos of him and falling in love—we know! We did too! Rollie is much more than his doodle hair and smile. He needs you to understand what his ideal home looks like: No kids (never ever, please), no frequent visitors and no other furry friends in the home. Live in an apartment, condo, duplex or townhouse? Nope. Rollie likes his own, free standing home to be a relaxed, quiet environment where he is comfortable to be his best self.


Rollie’s foster says she could watch him run, roll around and hop through the backyard on a sunny day for hours. Are we sure he isn’t part bunny somehow? Well…this precious bouncing bunny has a history of reactivity that will need to continue being addressed. What does this mean? Lots of quality time with his trainer in Austin that knows Rollie’s history and can guide you through this journey with him. We’ve all done things in our past that we don’t want to bring with us into the future. Consistency, muzzle training and sedated vet visits are some of the tools Rollie needs in his life to keep him on the right track so that his past can remain behind him—and 2022 can bring him the hope of the future he truly deserves.


Rollie was getting a little offended we were over sharing his personal life with the entire world so let’s highlight some of his fosters favorite things about him: 

1. He likes his alone time! He prefers someone who works AWAY from the home        and DOESN’T want to cuddle with him.  
2. Shedding – there’s none of that with this curly haired man.  
3. He is SO smart. He learned how to lay down by watching other dogs do it –  

     good boy! Food is the way to his heart and smarty pants brain. 
4. He is incredibly goofy, loves taking walks in the neighborhood and when he            chooses to interact with his humans, it melts their hearts.  


 Rollie has learned over the past year in training and foster care that he can express himself and humans can and will listen to him. As you can see in his adoption video, he has no problem enjoying the finer things! Behind those sweet eyes of his and soft face, he really does have a story to share. Will you be the fortunate, special someone that Rollie chooses to share the next chapter of his life with?