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Breed: Poodle
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 48pounds
Gender: Male
Location: Austin

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Doodle Stats for 


  • Owner who is excited about and committed to continued training

  • Dogs with submissive personalities

  • Will do best with a yard to run in

  • Someone who is home most of the day

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A Little More About ...


In the heart of Austin, where the sun shines bright, and the music fills the air, a special dog named Charlee is waiting for his forever home. Charlee's eyes tell a story of kindness, loyalty, and intelligence. He's not just a dog; he's a furry friend who embodies the qualities we all cherish. Here are a few things that make Charlee special:

  • Sweet Eyes and Sweeter Personality: Charlee's eyes are not just windows to his soul; they're windows to a heart overflowing with kindness. He's the kindest and most loyal companion you could ever hope for. His goal in life is simple: to love and be loved.

  • A Friend to All: Charlee's sociable nature extends to other dogs and children. He's a well-mannered and gentle soul who can charm his way into anyone's heart.

  • Energy in Sync: Charlee's energy level is like a perfectly tuned instrument. He can match your activity level, whether you're up for an outdoor adventure or a cozy indoor cuddle session.

While Charlee's heart is full of love, he does come with some quirks. He can be a bit needy, always wanting to be close to his human, like a shadow! However, with time, this attachment may naturally subside. Charlee also has yet to have extensive training, but his remarkable intelligence and eagerness to learn make him a fast student.


Charlee's ideal home would be one filled with love and attention. He prefers not to be crated during the day, so having someone home often or helping him soothe his separation anxiety would be beneficial. Commitment to his training is key, as he's an intelligent pup eager to learn and please. Charlee thrives in the company of other dogs, but he's not a fan of alpha dogs who get in his face. He does stand up for himself when needed. Charlee would be a delightful addition to your family if you have children. Charlee's story is a testament to the unwavering bond between dogs and humans. If you're ready to open your heart and home to a kind and loyal companion, Charlee is waiting with open paws.


Charlee’s adoption fee is $600. He is HW negative, current on all HW/flea preventatives, neutered, and microchipped. All adoption fees go toward expenses like medical costs and food for Doodle Dandy dogs and help make it possible for us to continue giving amazing pups like Charlee a second chance. If you would like to fill out an application and you are within a 5-hour radius of the Austin area, please click on one of the Adoption Application buttons on this page and select CHARLEE from the drop-down menu on the application form.

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