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Breed:  Golden Doodle

Age: 6 Months

Weight: 45 lbs.

Gender: Male

Location: San Antonio


Red and White Flags

Doodle Stats for 


  • Owner who is excited about and committed to continue training and work through puppy skills

  • Enjoys another dog’s company

  • Would do best with a back yard & physical daily activity

  • Active family

Doodle Skills

Dog Stats Remy.jpg




Photo Strip

Ollie aka Remy photo 3.jpeg

A Little More About ...


You may be surprised to learn that Remy is not part teddy bear—this Paddington doppelganger is all Doodle! Be prepared to be most popular human on walks because everyone will want to meet Remy. He is irresistible, but don’t let his adorableness fool you. While this cutie comes with some skills already, becoming his best self will require a commitment to continued training with his new family. Fun fact: Remy will steal the dish towel, yet never offer to do the dishes. Two more fun facts: At 6 months old, he is prime for full training, and training creates a fabulous bond between you and Remy! While a puppy is a LOT of work, the rewards are enormous when done right.


Remy is always ready to play. He will be a bigger dood, so he will need a fenced yard to help expend his energy. Remy shows love through his excitement and play, so an active household is best for him. Kids are okay, but because of his size, older children 10+ in years will be best.


So who is right for Remy?

  • Someone committed to Remy’s training.

  •  Someone who understands a puppy’s needs. Puppies require an abundance of patience and consistency.

  •  Someone with a fenced yard

  • Someone prepared for the extra costs and time of grooming a doodle with a coat like Remy’s. That beauty is not cheap!

 Remy’s adoption fee is $1000. He is HW negative, current on all HW/Flea preventatives, microchipped and neutered. All adoption fees go toward expenses like medical costs and food for Doodle Dandy Dogs and help make it possible for us to continue giving amazing pups like Remy a second chance. If you would like to fill out an application and you are within a 5-hour radius of the DFW area, please click on one of the Adoption Application buttons on this page and select REMY from the drop-down menu on the application form. 

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