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Penny Lover?


Breed: Double Doodle

Age: 1.5 years 

Weight: 50 pounds

Gender: Female

Location: Austin


Red and White Flags

Doodle Stats for 

Penny Lover

  • Owner who is excited about and committed to continued training

  • Owner who is excited about and committed to continuing puppy training.

  • Will do best with a big yard to run in.

  • Someone who is home most of the day.

Doodle Skills

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Penny Lover's


Penny Lover's

Photo Strip

A Little More About ...

Penny Lover

**Meet beautiful PennyLover. That Double-Doodle means double love—although Penny believes it means double treats! That adorable “bandit” mask she sports naturally is very fitting because she absolutely steals hearts! Penny wants you to know she is a big fan of spooning and hugs!  She is especially fond of chin scratches.

Penny’s obedience is right on track for her maturity. This smart girl already knows the commands “sit” and “down” and is a “place” champion! Sometimes she “sit” cheats because sit is always followed by down, so she often sits and slowly slides into down in one move. Penny is well-mannered on a leash unless a deer comes along, then she has to be reminded to “leave it”. Her impulse control is pretty good unless she is playing with her foster bro who is also 1&1/2 years, so double-impulse on that one. Barring those big wrestling and play events, she is pretty chill. Again, right on schedule, Penny can be a little sassy when you tell her “no”, especially if little bro doesn’t get the same reprimand, testing boundaries much like a child. A lower volume voice works great with her since she gets more antimated & excited if her human does. She will need continued training as she matures so she can be a confident, well-behaved pup.

Penny loves toys and playtime. If she has a sibling, tug-of-war is a favorite. If she plays a little too rough, she takes feedback from her canine playmate very well. She has normal energy and, if an only dog, will thrive in a yard chasing balls or squirrels. Regular walks are her jam. Because of her size and playfulness, small children are not a good fit.

If you believe you can faithfully be PennyLover’s new family, her fee is $700. She is spayed, HW negative, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations. She has seasonal allergies that can be addressed with a simple allergy meds. All adoption fees go towards expenses like medical needs, food and grooming for Doodle Dandy dogs and make it possible for us to give so many dogs like PennyLover a second chance to find the happiness and devotion she deserves. If you are with a 5-hour drive radius from the DFW area, please click on the adoption application button on this page and select PENNYLOVER from the drop down menu

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