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Breed: Labradoodle

Age:18 months

Weight: 35 lbs.

Gender: Male

Location: Houston


Red and White Flags

Doodle Stats for 


  • Experienced dog owner committed to continued training.

  • Access to plenty of daily physical activity and a home with a back yard.

  • Loves adventures with his people.

Doodle Skills

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A Little More About ...


Once upon a time in the land of Doodle Dandy, there lived a labradoodle named Teddy. He was as cute as he was sweet.   Teddy had serious Goodest of Best Boy’s potential. He loved and wanted to be loved by all. Teddy, in short, was the very best labradoodle in all the land. Teddy was smart and lovable. He listened to all he was told and did whatever was needed as he just wanted to please his people. Teddy went to his first fur-ever home. Here, Teddy was the very best of all faithful companions to an elderly woman. Day and night, he sat by her feet, loyally giving her the loving companionship she so needed. Then, one day, she could no longer care for herself and went away, leaving Teddy all alone and so very lonely.

The next home Teddy went to was filled with laughter and joy, fun and excitement. Teddy had lots of children to play with and plenty of energy to keep up with them all. Day after day, it was a new and exciting adventure. But then, they too went away—to school, to work—no longer there to play, to stay, to be by Teddy always. Teddy was left alone again. He was even more lonely and sad.


Then, the Doodle Dandy Crew saw how very sad Teddy was and decided the perfect home for Teddy would be one with older children to play with, adults to be faithful and loving to, and perhaps even another pup for a best pal. Teddy needed a home where he would never be alone for an extended period of time again. This home would be just right for Teddy. For you see, Teddy is extremely smart. He needs interaction with others. Teddy needs to be loved and in turn, he will be yours forever more. Won’t you be Teddy’s fur-ever and make his tale and tail a wagging happily-ever-after?


Teddy’s fur-ever fee is $700 to make his dreams come true. Teddy is HW negative, current on all HW/Flea preventatives, neutered and microchipped. All adoption fees go towards expenses like medical costs and food for Doodle Dandy Dogs. It also helps make it possible for us to continue giving amazing dogs like Teddy a second, even third chance, at the right kind of life. If you would like to be Teddy’s happily-ever-after home, and you live within a five hour radius of Houston, please click on one of the Adoption Application buttons on this page and select TEDDY from the drop-down menu on the application form. Let’s give Teddy the happily-ever-after he so deserves!

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