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Age: 11 months

Weight: 51 pounds

Gender: Male

Location: Houston


Red and White Flags

Doodle Stats for 


  • Owner who is excited about and committed to continued training

  • Enjoys relaxing next to humans on the couch

  • Enjoys another dogs company

  • House with a big yard.

Doodle Skills





Photo Strip

A Little More About ...


Ben is named after the famous motorcycle, the Benelli. Just like the Benelli motorcycle, Ben has his engines revved for action. There is no slow speed for this energetic pup except when he can park his body next to you for some well-deserved couch-potato time. Benelli is designed to conquer land while running, water while swimming, and the couch while couch-surfing. This pup is committed to wherever the adventure may lead. Like the Benelli, Ben will race into land or water with equal abandon as long as you are with him for the “ride.” This Aussie doodle sports higher ground clearance and more off-road-centric paws that dare you to cross the line on a journey to parts unknown. Not a “barker” but a lover, Ben will stay with you wherever life may take you.


The perfect home for Benelli would be one with a fenced yard and a swimming pool. Ben would love another medium-sized pup to run or swim laps with. Have teenage children? Ben will gladly apply for the position of the family pool lifeguard. Most importantly, though, the perfect home for Benelli would be one that offers lots of time for love. He thrives on affection.


If you are ready for the ride of a lifetime, then Benelli is for you.  Benelli’s racetrack fee is $1000. Ben has been in for a recent tune-up as he is neutered, heartworm negative, microchipped, and current on all vaccinations. All adoption fees go towards expenses like medical costs, food, and grooming for Doodle Dandy dogs. This makes it possible for us to give so many dogs like Benelli a second chance to ride and swim forever after with loved ones. If you are within a 5-hour drive radius from the Houston area, please click on the adoption application button on this page and select BENELLI from the drop down menu.

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