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Clyde & Delilah


    Lightning CAN strike     
   twice in one place    

We always say in rescue, “Dogs find their people”.   Clyde and Delilah’s stories are woven together in such a way that you know there was a Mighty Hand at work!

Clyde was rehomed with us from a loving owner who just wasn’t able to take care of a dog.  He didn’t get the medical attention he needed and lived outside most of his life.  We placed Clyde with fosters, Sheri and Tom Meredith. He became very attached to Tom right away and followed him everywhere.


 They became fast friends.  It was a “foster fail” from the get-go.  But one day, Clyde couldn’t get up…couldn’t follow his friend from room to room.  Doodle Dandy sent him to the emergency vet (always happens on a weekend!) who sent him to another emergency room and then another!  When he arrived at the 6th specialty vet the next day, he was diagnosed with canine meningitis and a congenital heart defect.  


He was placed on medication and sent home to recover from the meningitis.  In caring for this dear boy, the Meredith’s had given him their hearts.


Meanwhile in San Antonio, Delilah lay languishing in the shelter with an enormous laceration around her neck and puncture wounds all over her little body.  She had been attacked by some kind of wild animal, probably a wild boar.  Doodle Dandy did our best to rescue her from the shelter in a timely manner, but she wasn’t released for 5 days.  Once we had her, we rushed this sweet girl to our partnering vets, who did surgery to clean and close her wounds, and she returned home to her fosters to heal.  The physical wounds healed well, but Delilah was left with some pretty big fears when left alone. 



Clyde, now adopted by his foster family, and Delilah had their own healing journeys for the next few months.  Delilah was posted for adoption, but she just didn’t get any suitable applications.  Because her foster had to return to work full time, and Delilah didn’t cope well to being home alone, we moved her to Dallas and placed her with Clyde’s family to foster.  Delilah attached to Sheri and to Clyde.  Suffering from some PTSD and fear of being alone, Delilah was so happy having a canine companion and loving fosters who were semi retired.  You can guess the end of the story!  Delilah became a permanent member of the family!  

We always love it when we put a foster in a home and it becomes their forever home.  It just doesn’t usually happen twice.  But for Clyde and Delilah, it was just meant to be!  

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