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Bert & Ernie


  Too Cute to Boot?   

When you see pictures of Wester and Monty, you can’t imagine that anyone would have abandoned these beautiful pups!  But they did.  

There’s a very large flea market that happens every month in East Texas and it attracts a great number of backyard breeders selling puppies.  On Sunday afternoons, if they are packing up to go home and they have puppies that didn’t sell, they have been known to drop them off on the side of the road.  You see, by the next month, they will be too old to sell.   The breeders don’t want to feed and vaccinate them for another month, so they dump them.  

Such was the case of this beautiful pair of pups.  We got a call from a fellow rescue worker in the east Texas area, and a very nice gentleman in a rural area had called her about two little pups who were hanging out in the road around his house.  He took them in, cared for them for a couple of days while we found fosters for them.  We named them Bert and Ernie and they became a part of Doodle Dandy! 

We had no idea of their breed or age, but the vet aged them at 8 weeks old, and guessed that they were some kind of a sheepdog mix.  They were just the cutest pups.  We got them vetted, vaccinated and dewormed and then just watched them play and develop for a couple of weeks.   They were adopted out together by a wonderful couple who named them Wester and Monty.  These brothers surely hit the adoption jackpot when they were adopted into their forever home.   Could there be two more beautiful dogs? 

We were so happy to have been part of their journey.  They were a great save!

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