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Hi, My Name is


My Doodle Details:




70 lbs


3 yrs

Good w/ Dogs:


Crate Trained: 


Potty Trained: 






Leash Trained: 


Good w/ Kids:

Yes - Over 5 yrs



Adoption Fee:




My Doodle Story

Did you ever dream of living the luxe life, being the envy of all your neighbors, as you cruise down the street with your very own Bentley? Doodle Dandy offers you this extraordinary opportunity to own your very own exclusive, exquisitely crafted, one-of-a-kind Bentley. Our 3-year-old labradoodle is all this and much more. He is a giant love bug who lives for and loves hugs! Bentley has deep luxurious fur you can sink your fingers into—all the better for those back scratches and belly rubs. Precision engineering allows our Bentley to excel in potty training, winning the rare 100% rating. As Bentley has a ramped-up motor, he still may tug a bit on daily walks, but through consistent training, this is an easy fix. Like most exotic cars, 

Bentley prefers to be seen and to see—he loves gazing out of his showroom (backyard) through the iron fencing to see his admirers (and squirrels). Bentley would much rather be next to you and prefers to avoid time in the garage (crate). In fact, this sleek ride does really well just hanging out in a bedroom when you have to leave. He’s quite trustworthy. To maintain this amazing pup and keep him in tip-top shape, simple and basic maintenance is required:  snack, hug, nap, and repeat. Do this often and you will have the most amazingly affectionate pup. In gratitude for this, Bentley will reward you with leaps of joy when greeting you, along with his heart-warming smile. Yes, he actually does have a toothy, full-on smile.

The perfect home for Bentley would need to have a big backyard to run and play in. He will need a fence due to his springy “hydraulics”. Given Bentley’s size, we suggest children 12 and older. Bentley is a lady’s man, favoring a female pup over a male. He would also be content as the sole canine in the home. Bentley would prefer to be the man about the house, being Alpha and not Beta. An absolute necessity for the placement of Bentley is a home that will dote on him. After all, this is one very special pup. What you give to Bentley will be given back to you in countless ways with his adoring love, his total devotion, and his never ending affection.

To own your very own, exclusive, and one-of-a-kind Bentley, our MSRP sticker price is $600. Instead of tax, title, and license, this fee would include neuter, HW/Flea preventatives, and HW negative tested in his cost for adoption. All our fees go toward expenses like medical costs and food for our Doodle Dandy Dogs. This helps us to maintain and offer the most amazing and loving pups, all rescued, then lovingly fine-tuned to make the most awesome companions as pets. You will need to live within a 5-hour radius of the area where Bentley is located. Please click on one of the Adoption Application buttons on this page and select BENTLEY from the drop-down menu on the application form.

Photo Gallery

A few photos to capture some personality!

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