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Tell us the basics about yourself.

Hi! My name is Dolly. I’m a Great Dane Doodle. I’m long and lean, about 90 pounds and 7-8 months old. My foster mom is always telling me I’m “the cutest ever” and I’m “so sweet.” I’ve got soft black hair and velvet ears, which by the way, you are always welcome to pet. I have some precious white accents, a little under my chin and around the bottom part of my legs. It reminds my foster mom of leg warmers, whatever those are!

How do you feel about your new life?

I’m a COVID puppy so I didn’t get a lot of socialization at first. My foster family has been working with me, though. I can be a little timid with strangers. I prefer for them to ignore me and let me check them out first. I love going places with my foster parents! Initially, I was unsure of the car but now I can’t wait to go for a ride! I never know what fun place we will end up next. We have been going to small dog parks lately. That’s such fun! I’m not big on drama, so I prefer to hang out with dogs that have a good vibe. I’ve proven myself so much that I get to go with them when they hang out on dog-friendly patios. It’s super fun to smell all of the food, see other dogs and people, and be one of the “gang.”

How do you feel about other animals?

I love dogs! I’m an awesome playmate. My foster parents always comment about how gentle I am when I play. I actually love smaller dogs, but I’ll play with any size that wants to play with me. Those birds and squirrels better watch out, though. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be able to catch one of them someday.

Are you (ummm...) potty trained?

Yes. I’m really good in that department. I like the outside a lot. Sometimes I pretend I need to potty, but I just want to lay in the sun. My foster parents don’t seem to mind, though. Their backyard is small. I’d rather have a yard with more space to play. They do have a pool, though, which I find super fun and refreshing! I'm a great swimmer!

How do you feel about the crate/kennel?

Here’s the deal. I’m big. I like to stretch out. I’d prefer a nice bed on the floor next to you. I can do a crate/kennel if necessary, but it needs to be my size. If it’s too small, I feel confined and uncomfortable, which stresses me out. I’m ok with a crate/kennel for bedtime but please don’t leave me in it while you are gone. I have not been left alone very often or for very long. I miss my people when they are gone. I’ll need some extra TLC in this department. Whether you are at home or gone, I need my toys and bones to play with to keep me occupied. I can play by myself as long as you give me some fun brainy toys. I’m super smart and curious.

Do you shed?

A little bit. It’s not too noticeable until house cleaning time. I’m really easy in the grooming department. My hair is short and sleek. No mats with me! I’ll need a bath and my nails trimmed now and then.

What do you like to do for fun?

Anything at all with my people! Swim, run, take walks, go places, explore. Play with my doggie friends. Sunbathe. Lounge on the couch. Oh, and I love playing with ice and chewing on bones!

How are your leash skills? Do you have any other tricks or commands?

I’m pretty good on the leash. You should hold tight, though, in case I see a squirrel or bird. My foster mom takes me on a long walk each morning. I love routine! I can sit, down, touch, up, and come. If I feel like it, I can also do off, place, wait, stay, and give. I’m still working on leave it, but if you call my name kindly, I usually forget what I’m doing. I've definitely got skills in the snuggling department!


What are the most important qualities for your most perfect fur-ever family match?

Pretty much what we all need – love, kindness and patience. I’m still a puppy. A big one. I’ll need exercise and/or mental challenges at least two times per day. I love being around my people. The more we can be together the better. Since I’m a big girl, little kids may not be the best idea. I can easily knock them over accidentally. Their energy can also get me too amped up and then we might all get in trouble. I'm an awesome friend. I'm a great listener. I'll always be by your side. I can't wait for a fur-ever family to take care of and protect.


What is the low down on adopting you?

My adoption fee is $600 plus sales tax and I'm current on all HW/Flea preventatives, microchipped and spayed.


All adoption fees go toward expenses like medical and food for Doodle Dandy Dogs and help make it possible for them to continue giving amazing pups like me a second chance.


If you would like to fill out an application and you are within a 5-hour radius of the DFW area please apply today!