Sammy Sue

What Sammy Sue is looking for:

  • Owner with experience or willingness to learn and help with anxiety, who is home most of the day

  • Owner who is excited to navigate the realities and opportunities of an aging dog.

  • Someone who is willing to support specific dietary and/or medical needs

  • Adult only home. 

Sammy Sue is currently located in the DFW area

All About Sammy Sue

Keep calm and wear your crown. Doodle Dandy’s princess in residence, Sammy Sue, is ready to reign at your palace.

This eleven-year-old bichon poodle mix loves car rides, belly rubs, and head scratches (she would rather you not play with her legs or face, thank you very much!). Sammy Sue develops strong bonds with her humans and enjoys being near them. Her royal highness is not a lap dog, preferring to sit next to her people. A mature noblewoman, Sammy Sue likes her beauty sleep—please do not disturb the lady while napping. Though crate-trained, she is happy to curl up under her foster’s bed at night. Sammy Sue does not shed and will need regular grooming appointments for her gorgeous curly coat.

Sammy Sue is house-trained, providing signals when she needs to potty. At her age, she needs access to the outdoors every two hours. Weighing eighteen pounds, Sammy Sue is on a special diet to reach her goal weight of thirteen pounds. She’s responded well to the diet and is good at eating her veggies—green beans are a favorite delicacy. Short daily walks will also help her reach her idea weight while building strength. Due to a collapsed trachea (normal for the breed), Sammy Sue uses a harness when she walks to avoid pressure on her neck. Her soft palate and trachea can cause coughing spells where she goes to the ground. The episodes are very short and don’t cause lingering side effects. Her foster reports that her coughing has improved significantly now that she’s settled in the home and experiencing less anxiety and excitement. Like many rescue dogs, Sammy Sue has been moved to several homes (no fault of her own). Being deposed of her throne has caused some separation anxiety that Doodle Dandy believes will improve with the security of a forever monarchy.

Her ideal adopters are an older couple without children. She’d do best with someone who is home most of the day. Her new owners should be willing to follow her cues and learn her quirks and temperament. Like many aging prima donnas, sassy Sammy Sue lets her desires be known, sometimes through undesirable behaviors, such as growling or nipping, that will need correction. She needs a consistent person who will allow her the space and time to become comfortable. She has lived with other dogs but would be happiest in a home as an only pet or with another small dog who is passive.

If your royal court is looking to add a crown princess, Sammy Sue is set to ascend to the throne. Sammy Sue’s adoption fee is $350 plus sales tax and she’s HW negative, current on all HW/Flea preventatives, microchipped and spayed. All adoption fees go toward expenses like medical and food for Doodle Dandy Dogs and help make it possible for us to continue giving amazing pups like Sammy Sue a second chance. If you would like to fill out an application and you are within a 5-hour radius of the DFW area, please click on one of the Adoption Application buttons on this page and select Sammy Sue from the drop-down menu on the application form.